Bike Tours Garda

Hello everyone!

I am starting a new project: I became a Mountain bike guide!
As a guide I started to accompany small groups of tourists. The form of tourism that I promote is the experiential one.  I try to make tourists live unique experiences, something that alone would struggle to find: Proposal Picninc with breathtaking view, visit to some amazing winery …

You can visit my site 



There is always something that drives us to do what we never thought we could.
My first Marathon!
It took about everythingh I got!
It was tough, inspiring, self-revealing and so rewarding!
I had magical support and motivation from great friends. The Marathon was much more easier with them by my side.
Last but not least,thank you Andrea, Love of my life, who always supporting me and keep pushing me!


Un breve, ma sincero grazie a tutti coloro che hanno accolto l’invito e sono passati ieri sera all’inaugurazione! Nonostante il tempo la serata e’ stata per me molto emozionante. ?